About Us

At Frap Audio, we manufacture professional audio equipment for demanding sound engineers.

We like our bio how we like our devices: straightforward and precise.

  • Straightforward, because we believe that the flow comes before anything else: both the signal flow through our circuit and the professionals’ workflow in the studio need to be smooth and avoid unnecessary detours.
  • Precise, because we like to build tools that do exactly what their label says, without magic buttons.

We follow a bottom-up approach when designing our products: we constantly gather feedback from experienced sound engineers to ensure that every feature we have in mind has an actual purpose in the real world.

Since our goal is a seamless and precise workflow, we like to think about our design as simple, but not trivial.

Simone Fabbri

Product Designer – Founder

Federico Foglia

Production Manager

Giovanni Grandi

Content Manager

Antonio Masiero

Analog Designer